Q. Why do you do only like ground baiting in moderation?

A. Excessive ground baiting can cause the water quality to fall which in turn puts the fish off feeding resulting in a negative affect on catching the fish for everyone.


Q. Why do we have to use your own cradles, nets and weigh slings?

A. To prevent disease spreading through our lakes.


Q. What baits are not allowed?

A. Artificial bait, cat and dog food, nuts and pulses, trout pellet and shelf life boilies.


Q. Can we use keepnets?

A. No keepnets are allowed.


Q. Are there any better swims at the fishery?

A. There are no particular best swims, the fishery has been designed to ensure everyone has a fair chance.


Q. Where do we pay to fish?

A. On arrival please park in the allocated car park and go to the fishery lodge to purchase your ticket we accept cash or card payments.


Q. What strain of carp are in the lake?

A. All the carp in the lake are english and are Frontfish UK breed.


Q. What are the shop opening times?

A. The shop will be open daily at various times throughout the day.


Q. What food is available to order?

A. A selection of takeaways can be ordered and delivered to your swim, a delivery charge of £1 per person applies and menus are available in the fishing lodge.


Q. What types of goods will you be stocking in the shop?

A. Fishing baits (Lakeside frozen boilies £10 a kilo), fishing tackle, batteries, torches, gas and a range of drinks and snack foods.


Q. What happens if I arrive at the fishery at the shop is closed?

A. Please phone the number on the door if your arrive outside the shop hours and someone will be with you shortly.


Q. What discounts are available for group bookings?

A. Whole lake bookings will be given a 20%.


Q. Do you offer fishing tuition?

A. This is something that we are looking into and may become available in the near future.


Q. How can we pay for our tickets or items purchased in the shop?

A. We accept cash or card payments.